la Plage Casanis

Beach Restaurant in Marbella

As the name implies, this modern restaurant is located on the beach, on the Estrella de Mar beach in Elviria, more specifically. It has been short open life but many experiences behind it – it has witnessed the best moments of the area of recent times. And there is no reason not to stay here all day.

Club Experience

Awesome events on the beach with authentic organic foods.

With a capacity for 250 guests, in summer it deploys 200 hammocks facing the sea. The cuisine that can be enjoyed both on the terrace and inside the restaurant perfectly combines with a very elaborate wine list.


Magic Moments

Dusk and dawn ready to delight your memories.

His specialty in wood grill is already so well known that many people come just to taste the product without more additives than heat. Also noteworthy is the area dedicated to cocktails, a bartender that enlivens the parties that begin at dusk to leave a tasty memory of a night … and magical sunrise.

Casanis Experiences

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